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raspberry pi pico pinout

A lit of boards using the rp2040

Board name Manufacturer Header pins Debug connection USB connector Flash size GPIO pins ADC pins Buttons Other features
Pico Raspberry Pi Foundation 40+3 via headers micro-USB 2MB 26 3 BOOTSEL
Nano RP2040 Connect Arduino 30 via pads micro-USB 16MB 1 WiFi, Bluetooth, 9-axis IMU, microphone
Tiny 2040 Pimoroni 8+3 via headers USB Type C 8MB 12 4 BOOTSEL + RESET
Keybow 2040 Pimoroni 0 (USB only) USB Type C 16 keys
PicoSystem Pimoroni 0 (self contained) USB Type C 4 + joypad Color 240×240 LCD, onboard battery
Feather RP2040 Adafruit 28 via pins USB Type C 8MB 21 4 BOOTSEL + RESET Battery charger
ItsyBitsy RP2040 Adafruit 33 via headers micro-USB 4MB 23 4 BOOTSEL + RESET
Pro Micro – RP2040 Sparkfun 24 USB Type C 16MB 20 4 BOOTSEL + RESET
Thing Plus RP2040 Sparkfun 28 JTAG pins USB Type C 16MB 18 4 BOOTSEL + RESET Battery charger
MicroMod RP2040 Sparkfun 0 edge connector 16MB 29 3 none

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