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A Raspberry Pi Pico GPIO expansion Board

by rp2040guy71

In this article we look at an expansion board for the Raspberry Pi Pico which is designed to test all of the GPIO pins.

You can see this pictured below, the board contains 5 push buttons, 1 potentiometer and 20 leds connected to various GPIO pins


Here is an image of the pins that this board uses

This board has a couple of possible use cases

  • As a demo board , test whether the GPIO pins of Pico are working
  • As an expansion board, this module includes LED, button, ADC basic function.


The board only costs about $2

Aliexpress store link


There are a couple of code examples that I could find

This is the button test example, press a button and an LED will light

[codesyntax lang=”python”]

from machine import Pin
import time

led = Pin(15, Pin.OUT)
button = Pin(12, Pin.IN, Pin.PULL_UP)
button1 = Pin(13, Pin.IN, Pin.PULL_UP)
button2 = Pin(14, Pin.IN, Pin.PULL_UP)
button3 = Pin(16, Pin.IN, Pin.PULL_UP)
button4 = Pin(17, Pin.IN, Pin.PULL_UP)

while True:
    if button.value() & button1.value() & button2.value() & button3.value() & button4.value() :                       
    elif button.value() | button1.value() | button2.value() | button3.value() | button4.value() :


This is an led test example, the LEDs will flash in sequence

[codesyntax lang=”python”]

from machine import Pin
import time


Pin(led[0], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[1], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[2], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[3], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[4], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[5], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[6], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[7], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[8], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[9], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[10], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[11], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[12], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[13], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[14], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[15], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[16], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[17], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[18], Pin.OUT)
Pin(led[19], Pin.OUT)

while 1:
    for i in range(len(led)):
        j=Pin(led[i], Pin.OUT)
        Pin(led[0], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[1], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[2], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[3], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[4], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[5], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[6], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[7], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[8], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[9], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[10], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[11], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[12], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[13], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[14], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[15], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[16], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[17], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[18], Pin.OUT).low()
        Pin(led[19], Pin.OUT).low()



github repo

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